Ultimate Affiliate Integration Module for ShopSite
Ultimate Affiliate Integration Module for ShopSite

Groundbreak.com's Ultimate Affiliate software allows you to set up a full-featured affiliate program on your own web server - giving YOU the control over the program. Instead of handing over your affiliate program to a third party, you can now run one "in-house" and run it the way YOU like - without the MONTHLY payments, escrow fees, and per-transaction fees!

The integration module for ShopSite Manager and Pro available here at chandlerweb.com will trigger the order commissions in the Ultimate Affiliate software for shoppers who complete an order in your ShopSite store and came to your site via an affiliate link. (Ultimate Affiliate installation service also available, see below, Ultimate Affiliate program purchased separately at groundbreak.com)


Price: $49.95 [Buy Now!]

Optional module installation service: $20.00

Optional Ultimate Affiliate installation service: $75.00

Note: please indicate on your order whether you are collecting orders at your own secure domain or if you are using the different secure domain of your host. This determines the method used to integrate with Ultimate Affiliate.

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