DropShip Emails Module for ShopSite Pro
DropShip Emails Module for ShopSite Pro

Notify your drop-ship vendors or fulfillment houses of new orders from your store via an HTML-formatted email as soon as the orders are placed.

With this module, each product in your ShopSite Pro store can have its own associated vendor(s) that will be notified via email when that product is purchased. Products purchased in the same order from the same vendor will be aggregated in a single email. Vendors will receive the name, sku, quantity, and ordering options of their products ordered, along with the shopper's shipping address (no credit card information will be included in any emails). You can add custom text and HTML in the header and footer of the email to give additional instruction to your vendor(s) regarding billing your account, provide additional style definitions to control layout attributes of the emails (font styles, font sizes, colors, etc), add your company address and logo, etc. Other module configuration options include whether or not to include the billing address (if any), the email address, shipping method, surcharge selection, and product prices.


  • ShopSite Pro v6.3 or greater
  • at least one (preferably two) unused 'extra' product field (i.e. Extra Product Fields 1 to 10) that can be dedicated to the use of this module
  • sendmail-compatible MTA (standard on most Linux/UNIX hosting accounts)
  • Perl v5 or greater
  • Access to your ShopSite's shopping cart cgi directory (usually named 'sc' or 'sb') where the module file needs to be placed

Price: $79.95 [Buy Now!]

Optional installation service: $20.00

Note: custom modification of this module to include (or exclude) additional information in the dropship emails is available. If you need information in the emails not provided by the standard module, please do not order from this page, please contact us for a price quote for the desired modifications.